Many gifted preachers and theologians have touched my life.  All of them strongly encouraged me to read, read, read, the scriptures.  I do that daily, virtually every day, 365 days a year.  Over the course of nearly four decades, that is a lot of reading; I believe that I have read the bible cover to cover at least 25 times.  From a biblical and scholastic standpoint, I have been thoroughly "home-schooled by the Lord!"  I have attended many seminars and conferences; benefiting greatly from the wisdom of the presenters. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Devotionals:  Since 2006, I have written devotionals for the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC); Advent and Lenten publications which are distributed to all NACCC member churches.  This link will take you to a few of them.  Papers on Women’s Ministry The Gender Dispensation:  This paper was written after attending a Bible conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1999, entitled The True Israel of God.  The truth that all born-again believers, i.e., the Church, the Body of Christ, are the true Israel of God regardless of race or pedigree, via the shed Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ, was eloquently preached.  I questioned two of the presenters as to their understanding of where and how God's women fit into this truth.  Their presentation of the True Israel of God was Biblically accurate in portraying the complete and effectual cleansing from all sin and the eradication of all consequence thereof, for every believer in the finished work of Christ at Calvary.  However, these men were not able to reconcile God's complete Atonement for the believer with the widespread belief among Christian circles that women are to be barred from certain ministries because of their gender.  I asked them to consider that either God has cleansed and restored believing women fully, or there remains some further atonement to be made in order to bring His women up to the same forgiven and cleansed level as their brothers, who exercise their gifts freely.  To even imply that there is any lacking in the Atonement work of Christ is abominable! - therefore, Biblically, women and men may enjoy the same freedom of ministry - the Spiritual Gifts listed in both Romans 12 and 1Corinthians 12, are not gender specific!  This paper discusses the logical conclusion drawn from erroneous beliefs about Christian women and their ministries, and contrasts that error with the truth of the Biblical declaration of complete forgiveness and cleansing from all sin for every woman who trusts Jesus as her Savior. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood-Bought Daughters:   This paper was written in answer to questions raised in a Bible Study about Spiritual Gifts, and the use of the same, regarding women.  The first text for discussion is 1Timothy 2:8-15.  This Scripture has been the text for the widely held view of the erroneous doctrine of "order of creation."  However, a careful study of this text, along with what the rest of Scripture teaches, is that this text is Paul's exhortation to Timothy to teach Who the Creator is - a primary doctrine, Indeed!  The second text for discussion is 1Corthinians 11:1-12.  Here, Paul discusses headship and the power upon the woman's head because of the angels.  Perhaps the reader will discover Biblical truth that has been previously hidden - enjoy!
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New Devotionals and Papers will be added  to this website from time to time for the benefit of our visitors.  Feel free to use any of the documents for furthering the work of our Lord.  None of the writings are copyrighted, but it would be appreciated if you would acknowledge me as the source.
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